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Easy time registration

Simply register work hours, materials, expenses, mileage and other expenses in Intempus' app that then transfers your registrations directly to the office when the work is done.

Overview of your business

Get an overview of employees, customers and projects in Intempus' administration, where work time can be planned and approved. With all data gathered in one place, you are guaranteed a full overview of your business.

Connect your systems

With Intempus you can connect your time registration with your salary- and accounting system. With an integrated administration, you can get rid af manual processes and spend a few minutes on billing and payroll.

Full overview of your business with Intempus' administration

With Intempus’ administration you can plan work time for your employees. You can also approve time registrations and transfer the data to your accounting- and payroll system. Intempus’ administration gathers all data one place and provides you with the full overview of your business.

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Easy and digital time registration with Intempus' app

Intempus’ app for time registration is the ideal tool for the worker on the road. Simply, your workers can register their workday directly in the app, so time, expenses, overtime and absence is registered and ready for billing and payroll.

Intempus designed to your industry

Intempus’ time registration solution fits a wide variety of industries and we have several years of experience working with different industries. We are experts in adjusting our solution to fit your unique needs so you can optimise your business.

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Intempus according to our customers

Intempus according to our customers

“Intempus has made it possible to continue our growth while avoiding being burried in administrative work. At the same time Intempus ensures that we are minimising our invoice deadlines, as they are from the day they are send out."

Nikolaj Langkilde
Founder and CEO of Q Nation

“What we pay for Intempus, we are making back. On several levels. Partly because Intempus has saved us an expense for another system, and partly due to the time savings on administrative work."

Nils K. Pedersen
Head of accounting at MiNALTAN

“The chaos, we experience before with the work sheets, is not the same anymore. At the same time we can trust the work sheets better now. All the workers are saying 'wow, what a great system'."

Michael Joensen
CEO of Sjællands Vikarservice

Intempus connects systems

Intempus delivers strong integrated solutions in collaboration with our integration partners. Together we make time registration and administrative work time efficient, easy and digital.

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